Who We Are

ThinkBright function as traditional local/long distance telephone company as well as a cutting edge VoIP carrier

  • 1We have the ownership of our own swithcing facilities and fiber network. We currently originate, transport, and terminate four billion domestic and international minutes annually. We operate our own dedicated network, connecting several switches located throughout the United States. In addition, ThinkBright runs OC3’s through OC48 interconnection RBOCs.
  • 2The ThinkBright VoIP Communications network is fully redundant. We are interconnected via three tier one IP backbone providers. VoIP is managed utilizing two separate platforms in conjunction with the resources of at least three domestic and international carriers at all times insuring call completion and quality of service.
  • 3ThinkBright stands behind the product we deliver, redundancy, back up and overflow are automatic. Much of ThinkBright success can be attributed to our attention to detail. All network functions are constantly monitored by our NOC 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Our Staff

We do not hire sales people at ThinkBright, we hire Technicians.

  • These technicians are personable, professional and most importantly knowledgeable. All our staff contain a background in either software programming, networking, engineering. There is simply no such thing as a Level 1 technician at our company. There are No Scripts at ThinkBright, just real people helping real businesses find the answers to their questions or problems.
  • We understand that choosing phone service, especially migrating to VoIP, is big decision for any company. For this reason our staff is committed to holding our clients hand throughout the entire process. We will consult on network setup, phones, and software to ensure every aspect of your telecommunication needs are covered.
  • 10 Years in Business
  • 6000 Extensions
  • 99.99% Uptime in 2016
  • 0% Packet Loss

Our Network

Our servers are located in several Tier 1 data centers, our largest and favorite partner is Peer1


  • 24/7 Network monitoring
  • Redundant data centers
  • Redundant power grids
  • Multiple IP backbones
  • Multiple tier 1 carrier interconnections



Aside from our data centers 0% packet loss, Peer1, like ThinkBright is committed to go the extra mile.

During Hurricane Sandy, ThinkBright was one of the only VoIP service providers to never lose connectivity and service. Check out this article on the amazing efforts of the Peer1 staff during one of the worst natural disasters in New York City history